PictureCrypt  1.4.1
An image-steganography project
ModelPC Member List

This is the complete list of members for ModelPC, including all inherited members.

alert(QString message, bool isWarning=false)ModelPCslot
alertView(QString messageCode, bool isWarning)ModelPCsignal
circuit(QImage *image, QByteArray *data, long long int countBytes)ModelPCprotected
CryptMode enum nameModelPC
Decrypt(QImage *image, QString key, int _mode=0, QString *_error=nullptr)ModelPCstatic
decrypt(QImage *image, QString key, int _mode=0, QString *_error=nullptr)ModelPCslot
decryptv1_3(QImage *image, QString key)ModelPCprotected
decryptv1_4(QImage *image, QString key)ModelPCprotected
Encrypt(QByteArray data, QImage *image, int _mode, QString key="", int _bitsUsed=8, QString *_error=nullptr)ModelPCstatic
encrypt(QByteArray data, QImage *image, int _mode, QString key="", int _bitsUsed=8, QString *_error=nullptr)ModelPCslot
encryptv1_4(QImage *image, QByteArray data, QString key)ModelPCprotected
fail(QString message)ModelPCslot
inject(QByteArray encr_data, QImage *image, int _mode, int _bitsUsed=8, QString *_error=nullptr)ModelPCprotectedslot
Inject(QByteArray encr_data, QImage *image, int _mode, int _bitsUsed=8, QString *_error=nullptr)ModelPCprotectedstatic
jphs(QImage *image, QByteArray *data)ModelPCprotected
jphs_mode enum valueModelPC
NotDefined enum valueModelPC
proccessPixelsv1_4(QImage *image, QByteArray *data, QByteArray key, bool isEncrypt, QVector< QPair< QPoint, QPair< int, int > > > *were, long long size=-1)ModelPCprotected
processPixel(QPoint pos, QVector< QPoint > *were, bool isEncrypt)ModelPCprotected
saveData(QByteArray data)ModelPCsignal
saveImage(QImage *image)ModelPCsignal
setProgress(int val)ModelPCsignal
unzip(QByteArray data, QByteArray key)ModelPC
v1_3 enum valueModelPC
v1_4 enum valueModelPC
zip(QByteArray data, QByteArray key)ModelPCprotected